Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prayer Request!

Extra prayers tonight please... I've been weaning off of a medicine and the withdrawal is hell. Im taking a small dose every few days to keep from having bad seizures, but the days between... so much nausea, extreme vertigo, i get these 'sparks' like Im being electrocuted in my brain and body, plus small seizures. I hardly know which way is up, I have to be so careful walking (so Im mainly staying seated), My body feels like its on fire and Im having a hard time keeping my grip on reality. This is messing with my head so bad. I just gotta make it another 24 hours before the next small dose, then my symptoms will subside for a couple days, but 24 hours seems like forever right now. I will be so glad when this whole experience is over with. I have a whole new level of respect for drug addicts who get themselves clean & sober <3

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